Mediation starts with a shared goal-the desire of the parties to a dispute to avoid the risk and expense of a trial. The mediation process allows the adverse parties to come together and work together to attempt to resolve their differences. To help that happen, a neutral party is selected to serve as a mediator. As a result of its remarkable record of success, lawyers often turn to MediationWorks for mediators that get cases settled.

Its founder, Eric Luckman, leads a savvy team of experts that provide broad-based mediation and arbitration services. We have mediated a diverse array of disputes, from personal injury and insurance claims to construction defects and business-related claims. Our experts have also served as arbitrators in both binding and non-binding arbitrations.

Eric has many decades of experience as a trial attorney in personal injury and insurance litigation. He is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Civil Mediator, so he understands the risks, the costs, and the stress of going to trial. He started MediationWorks after experiencing too many failed mediations, which were the product of a stale formula that needed a jumpstart. Eric had an idea for a “better mousetrap,” which all of our mediators used great success. We are NOT like your typical alternative dispute resolution company!

MediationWorks provides a space for speaking, listening, and dialogue. We provide a way to resolve conflict, re-establish communication and find concrete solutions to the differences between the parties to a dispute. Mediations can take place by videoconference when physical appointments are not possible.