Employment law is a complex area that governs the relationship between employers and employees, significantly impacting the workplace. Both state and federal law apply to various aspects of employment, such as discrimination, wage and hour issues, leave for health-related conditions, age-related discrimination, disability discrimination, and safety and health hazards. They also protect employees who report illegal activities involving their employer and safeguard them from a hostile workplace environment, discrimination, retaliation, or wrongful discharge that may result from whistleblowing.

In Florida, the law guarantees a safe and fair workplace environment. If an injury occurs, the employer is usually responsible for providing medical care and indemnity benefits pursuant to the Florida Workers’ Compensation law.

Mediation can be an effective process for resolving Employment Disputes.

When an employment dispute arises, mediation can be an effective process to resolve it. Litigation can be time-consuming, costly, and disruptive to the business and parties involved. Mediation allows both parties to come together in a less adversarial but confidential environment to explore their grievances and find an alternative to litigation. The mediation process typically allows the parties to play a more significant role in controlling the outcome of their case. It often results in more creative resolutions not being available in a trial. This approach can reduce the time and costs spent on litigation.

Ms. Pagliaro’s unique background allows her to understand employment law issues and facilitate dialogue between parties while assisting them in achieving an agreeable resolution. With 30 years of practice, including the last 18 years as General Counsel for a large corporation, she deeply understands the employer’s and the employee’s rights. As a mediator, she is a neutral party and acts as a bridge builder to facilitate the mediation process and bring resolution to the parties. Her training and experience allow her to listen to each party and help parties with disagreements talk to each other, making the mediation process effective in resolving employment disputes.