2019 Jul – Pie Deliveries


Fourth of July Pie Deliveries to Clients at Front Desk Joanne Luckman Delivering Pies to Lichtfield and Cavo in Fort Lauderdale Another Photo with Clients - Fourth of July Pie Delivery Dressed for the 4th - Red, white & Blue - Delivering Pies Joanne Luckman in Uncle Sam's hat delivering Apple Pies for the 4th Joanne Luckman visiting another client with Apple Pie for July 4th Joanne Luckman at Struble PA delivering Apple Pies Joanne Luckman at Groelle & Salmon delivering fresh apple pies. Joanne Luckman at Cole, Scott & Kissane with thank you for your business apple pie. Joanne Luckman delivering pies to clients for 4th of July Joanne Luckman delivering apple pies to Bressler, Amery & Ross, PC



“Nothing is more American than apple pie and settling a case with help from MediationWorks!” We had a blast spending time visiting with some of our favorite clients over the past week. Who doesn’t love apple pie with a ton of whipped topping? One thing that makes MediationWorks stand out from the crowd is our in-person relationships with our clients and friends. If you would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call today! 561-245-2200.